Help me with my build, please =)?

Hello, I am buying a new gpu, processor and ram. I heard that all of those need to match, could you guys please find me a good cheap one? Also, I forgot motherboard, please make a good gpu, processor, ram and motherboard build for me.

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  1. Please read the "how to ask for build advise" in my signature.

    You have left out a lot of crucial information. Such as budget, preferences and what you will be doing with the computer. Also "good" is relative unless you give us context. With your current description, I could respond to you with all adding up to a bit more than $150 or I could respond with something adding up to $1500+
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  3. Fill out my sig.

    I could give you a 980x for a CPU or a sempron! tell us moar!!!!
  4. You need to fill that form out 'coz we need to know your budget, usage & availability of products in your country.
  5. By cheap do you mean 3000 dollar workstation parts?
    or do you mean budget 500 dollar?
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