Need to uninstall previous drivers?

sup guys, i just got my new hd 5850, before i got my card i installed the catalyst 10.6 drivers, but now i downloaded the 10.7 and i was wondering if i had to uninstall them before undading. do i have to uninstall them and then intall the new one???

thx guys!!!
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    I don't think you have to, but it depends on your card before. I would download Driver Sweeper. Use Add/Remove programs to delete all ATi drivers/Catalyst, and then use Driver Sweeper to remove the ATI display drivers. Then use the newest drivers and newest Catalyst from ATI.
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  3. Download Driver Sweeper here :

    I have done testing in the past that showed gains of at least several hundred 3d Mark points by following the directions on the page.
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