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Compaq Falls Apart Again

As usual, the cookie cutter Compaq box that I'm working on for a family member is falling apart. I took care of their main issue (about 12 viruses and and overabundance of junk software causing crashes) but as I was setting the case down in the car to drive it back to them, I heard a piece of metal rattling around inside.

Sure enough, when I opened the box I found a piece of metal that had fallen off one of the components.

I'm mostly a software guy at this point (but learning hardware, or trying to) and I just need to know, what is this piece?

It's square, about 2" by 2", appearing like a cheese grater except with uniform square prongs in a grid (8 vertical, 6 horizontal, totaling 48 separate pieces sticking out from the solid square bottom). Has handles extending from the center left and center right in opposite directions, hooked at the end of the handles so I'm sure it is supposed to attach somewhere.

Couldn't figure out where to snap it in because Compaq's POS architecture is so weird. Also discouraging is the fact that at the base I can see some glue or epoxi that probably was used to get around manufacturing standards and just paste it on instead of snapping it in. The nightmare never ends with Compaq..
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  1. sounds like a south bridge heat sink?

    looks like this?

  2. Thanks for the response.

    Exactly like that except with handles coming out from the middle on both sides and extending in opposite directions.

    So just snap it back in on the heat sink, or glue it back on?

    For your amusement, I took some photos including one showing that some jerkoff on the Compaq assembly line decided epoxi was a better idea thatn mounting it with the handles (or the place where I need to snap it into is defective, I haven't looked yet) :

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    well the proper way to install it

    get some isopropyl alcohol (cvs, walmart, etc.,) to clean off the bottom of the heatsink. on this image below, the south bridge has the "foxconn" heat sink. clean that off too.

    install very small portion of thermal paste (best buy, radio shack, any PC store) on the heat sink and place it back on, locking the arms into place

    if you really don't care, just place it back on and install the arms into place.
  4. Ah, so the paste is actually helpful. I assumed the worst because Compaqs are always such pieces of ***. I'll replace the paste and snap in.

    Thanks for all your help.
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