Corsair SSD broken or?

I have some sort of a problem with my SSD.
It's a Corsair Performance 3 series 64GB. maybe 2 years old.

It was working fine until one day when the system couldn't find the harddrive.
Tried to install windows but it still couldn't find any harddrive.
Have anyone else experienced this? And what did you do to resolve this problem?

Do you think I could send it back to Corsair? 3 years warranty.

Thank you.
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  1. try reseating/different cables on the ssd. try a different sata port. does the bios show your ssd? if not i would contact corsair if its still under warranty and see if they will replace it.
  2. It's on a laptop, sorry I didn't mention this before. HP Pavilion DV6.
    I've tried with the HDD that came with the laptop and with a Intel 520 series 120gb SSD.
    Both of them are working fine, no problems.

    I'll try contacting Corsair then. Thanks for the reply.
  3. try seeing if a new firmware will recover the drive or a secure erase. there been issue with older ssd and firmware where they brick after so many hours of use or on/off power cycles.
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