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Ok, this really seems like a bizarre situation but I will do my best to explain it. For the time being I had my PC hooked up to my Sony LCD TV. I unhooked my computer to clean up the dust inside a little bit. After I finished I moved my PC back next to the TV and started plugging back in all the cables. I always plug in the power cable last. At the time I had my TV on and was connected through cable. When I went to plug the power cord back into the power supply, as soon as the plug started to go in, the TV made a weird hissing noise and shut off. I called Sony, the TV is broken and needs repaired. It sucks, but not a huge deal because it is still under warranty. Wanting to use my PC I go grab my monitor and hook it up. Using the same DVI port that was being used to connect my PC to the TV, I connect it to the monitor. Now my monitor displays all red with the diagonal lines like it has a bad signal. I switch the DVI connector to the second port and everything works great. Was one of my DVI ports fried on my video card? Could it be related to my TV breaking? I have no idea what happened hear and would like to know what occurred so that I wont make the same mistake again. If anyone has ideas about what could have happened, please share them with me. Thanks
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  1. Yeah thats odd, and I never believed in coincidence, sounds like those problems are probably related, especially if the other DVI works.

    What did you use to clean out the dust? Also are you sure you plugged in ALL necessary power cables?
  2. Just a can of air. And yeah, all the cables were plugged in. I only had to move the dvi cable since I initially turned the computer back on.
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