Phenom IIx4 955 showing as PhenomIIx3 b55 Help!

I may have been tricked by Fry's Electronics. Months back I purchased Phenom IIx4 955 Black. The box I purchased it in was correct. The CPU was stamped correctly when I installed it, but the Bios only showed 3 cores.

When I use Everest it states that I have "TripleCore AMD Phenom II x3 Black B55, and in the image I have here you see that under "multi-cpu" section it shows 3 cores and AMD Phenom IIx4 955 (the one I supposedly purchased.

CPU-Z give me the same information.

Windows 7x64bit OS states I have Phenom IIx4 955 when I check System Information.

AMD overdrive shows the pc as having the PhenomIIx4 955, but when I look at the details it shows 3 cores running (have image for that too).

I am completely baffled by this. The Bios thinks I have 3 cores. Is there some covert way to unlock the 4th core and then the CPU will show up correctly. I am sure someone here is a lot smarter than me and has experience with something similar to this.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and moreover, if any suggestions at all can be offered, I sincerely thank you for that too.

(ticket submitted to AMD, no response yet)

EVEREST RESULT -- Notice the discrepancy between CPU properties vs. Multi-CPU ?????


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  1. did I post in wrong forum?
  2. Some motherboards have the option to enable disabled cores/cache on AMD chips. Look for ACC or options to disable/enable cores 0, 1, 2, 3.

    If windows reads it as a Phenom II 955, and your BIOS is showing 3 cores, I have a feeling you may have got a bad CPU instead of a faked unlocked CPU.

    If you can't resolve the issue I'm sure they'll take it back. However you may want some other opinions/ideas before doing so.
  3. Nope, correct section, just people are sometimes a little slow to respond, a lot of the members here are american so five hours+ behind uk
    I'm stumped as to why this is, I'd also assume having bought an x4 955 that it had four usable cores, I'd speak t fry's and amd as you already are, can't advise anymore than that I'm afraid
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    Some people fixed this by doing msconfig, boot tab and advanced options, then unchecking 'number of processors'----- I tried this but 'number of processors' was already unchecked.

    I will check my mobo to see what options it has. So it's possible a can change a setting on it and it will enable all four cores?

    When I boot up the PC the Bios give option to enable 4th core(press F4). When I do this the next time I reboot it give option to unlock 3rd core. This is very odd to me.

    Thank you again for your input.
  5. I would like to return, it's been too long though. I doubt they would take it back. That would make the most sense, to return it.

    It's worth a shot I guess.

    It's very odd that it would read the CPU as a totally different product, isn't it, or is this common?

    Worst case scenario I keep it as is, this CPU seems to be decent. I can run any game and run several apps. at once. Also, I can OC it if I wish, it never runs too hot (put a nice cooler on it).

    One more possibility, if a few pins are bent/bad, would it cause one core to be defective (or not make contact thus not showing up)????

    Thank you for your responses.
  6. I would return it.
  7. Sometimes I think I should be riding the short bus to work.

    I was able to fix it in the BIOS, simply enabling the 4th core.

    I must knock some sense into myself. lol

    Thanks for the help, sorry for wasting your time. lol

  8. If you are past your return date for Frys then you can do a RMA with AMD, they'll replace it. Check in your CPU's booklet for information about it or read here.

    Changing Windows settings isn't going to help you here, as your BIOS is reading 3 cores. :(
  9. You had to enable the core eh?

    Hm, I haven't heard of this one before. Anyone else, this seems a little odd? Does a chip stay locked/unlocked after you remove it? (questions to members, not OP)

    I'd run a stress test (Prime95) on your CPU to make sure the 4th core is working properly, AMD could have messed up packaging/naming your CPU and locked the core to prepare it to be a Phenom II 3. BUT windows shows it as a 955, so *shrug

    Glad your problem is solved (assuming it stays stable), enjoy!

    Also, is your CPU still coming up as B55 in Everest/CPU-Z?
  10. What about your bios have you checked to see if you have an option to enable/disable cores ?

    You could try uninstalling the processors in device manager then reboot to see if it can find the other core. I could be you have a weak core & your chip is a borderline x3 but got to be a x4 because they are the same chip x3 555 & x4 955 with a core disabled so if you have no luck with suggestions, you should send that back as a mislabled part.

    You could have disabled that core if you flashed the bios or if it has reset through some on-board bios recovery or other in which case your system would see it as a Phm II x 3 like the reverse of what would happen if you bought a Phenom II x 3 & paired it with a board that could unlock the 4th core, your system would then recognize it as a Phnm II x 4 955.
  11. @Raidur,
    I believe if you remove a chip from the Mobo, you have to re-enable any unlocking/locking you did as the info for that would be stored on the bios chip?
  12. Every program (including Everest) shows the 955. Just ran Bad Company 2 and Black ops at highest setting and it runs great.

    I am going to do a stress test with Prime95 definitely.

    Yes, in the BIOS there was a setting to disable/enable cores (never see this before). When I booted after changing the BIOS setting the main loading screen read "T4 Quad Core" instead of "T3 Tricore".

    Now everything reads it correctly.

    It's very odd that before doing what I did, everest and amd overdrive showed a totally different product as the CPU, but hey, it's all good now.

    Thanks again guys.
  13. Glad that you've solved the problem. FWIW it's also possible to have fewer cores reported if the motherboard bios was flashed with an incorrect firmware update. My 955 x4 became an x2 until it was fixed with the correct update.
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