I can't install XP the computer keeps rebooting


I'm having a few issues loading up Microsoft XP on a computer I’ve assembled myself, I wondered if anyone could help. As will become apparent I’m not a computer expert so I apologies in advance for any "schoolboy errors" that I make.

I've got a Gigabyte GA-945gzm-S2 motherboard, A Intel Pentium 4 631 3 GHz chip, OCZ technology PC2 5400 memory, and a Samsung SP2504C hard drive.

The hard drive appears in the BIOS but I haven't formatted it as I didn't know if this was necessary.

When the XP CD is in this seems to run ok okay and install up to the point where it needs to turn off and re-boot, at this point it either goes into a cycle of constantly rebooting up to the ACPI point or if the CD is in it will got through the entire installation procedure. It does seem to recognise that the Hard disk has already been formatted though.
I've tried moving the hard dick and CDrom positions for booting in the BIOS but this doesn't seem to achieve anything.

I've also got an old hard drive (Maxtor 3.5 series) which had XP on it, when I plug this in to the new computer (by replacing the CD rom in the IDE port) This also gets recognised and the xp boot gets as far a when the Microsoft logo appears very briefly and then the computer turns itself off and the cycle continues. This happen regardless of the mode chosen.

I hope someone out there can help.


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  1. Its supposed to reboot during the install
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