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5850 Crysis benchmarks at 1024x768

I'm upgrading my gpu to a 5850 from my 5770... before I make my move, I'd like to know that the 5850 is going to be a worthwhile improvement... if someone could please run a crysis benchmark on very high, no aa 1024x768 and post their avg and lowest fps, that'd be great :) first one to post gets best answer. :)
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  1. It will be a worthwhile improvement. 5850 is GREAT for the money. Anyways, here are some crysis benchies. No 1024x768 cause thats a small resolution...,2433-6.html
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    Performance should be even better now as its quite an old review with equally old drivers.
  3. at that res i would have thought a 5770 would be enough.

    Do you have a crossfire mobo though? a second 5770 would be a better choice fi you can. if not, a 5850 is still a nice improvement.
  4. I dont have the psu for a 2nd 5770... but my 790xt-g45 is xfire capable. So i'm going to sell my 5770, and use the $ to buy a 5850... and, that's what everyone says... but often times, I can dip all the way down to 20 fps on my 5770. all in all, do you think that the 5850 is a good buy? And how long would you roughly estimate my ability to run games maxed?
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  6. at that res?

    i woudl expect most games coming in the near future to be maxable.

    it depends on so many factors though. if we see crappy dx11 take up and endless console ports you cold be set for years.
  7. alright... sweet. thanks guys :) I was worried about whether I needed to buy a 5870... but I guess the 5850 is the best bet for me.
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