Too high, maybe glitched Windows Score?

Hello community, another plea for information.

I am building a new computer, and i might use my current hard drive. It's a Western Digital 00AAKS-65Z7B0. I've looked it up on passmark, and it scored ~600. This seems about average.

However, I checked my windows experience index, and it scored a whopping 7.5 out of 7.9. I've heard that is a score range only for SSDs. That makes me wonder if something is wrong. As far as i know, it's just an old 7200 RPM HDD, not some fancy SSD, considering it came with a $400 computer.

Is something wrong? Did I get a godlike HDD for some reason? Am I mentally retarded? Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. IDK WTF you are talking about but your avatar is rad. Jury is out on the retardation ;) jk

    Do you have some flash sticks or other removable media hooked up? Couldnt believe that readyboost would give this kind of inflated results either, but maybe.
  2. 1. Yes, it's from a glorious program knows as "Inspiration 8"
    2. Nope, no flash sticks, but there is something weird called "HP Recovery" listed as my D: drive, and has 13gb total space. Maybe i'm going off on a tangent here, but could it be some sort of virtual device, and that is what is giving me such strange results?
  3. WEI score is about as relevant as DailyMail's (if you're british) articles
  4. ^ Totally agree, but its a good indicator of "things are working mostly right" vs. "Things are not right"

    emfoshiz, the HP recovery disk is just a partition on your drive that's there so you can reinstall windows and all the bundled software incase you f up your install. Almost all PC makers put that there, btw.
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