GTX 460 SLI on P55

I have seen multiple threads of people asking about the GTX 460 SLI. As both this site and several others have shown through benchmarking tests, its some pretty sick scaling, outperforming a GTX 480 and comes close to a HD 5970 in performance.,2694.html

Right now I am running a single HD 5770 and to say the least it's not pleasing me. So I am looking to upgrade to either a GTX 480, run 460s in SLI or just empty my wallet and get a 5970. The 5870 is also a budget possiblity though from what I've seen it ranks number 4 between the other options. I am trying to get the best performance for my dollar.

Here is my dilemma however, I am running an i7 860, which means I am limited to the P55 chipset's single x16 PCIe. I do have a second and can run SLI but it only runs at x8 speeds which skews the data proveded by the article listed above, being that they tested it at full speeds. More so I only picked up a 650w PSU (an antec) when I put it together, and from what I hear it is barely enough to power the GTX 460 sli.

Normally the GTX 460 sli takes the cake as the best value for the price to performance, but with the second slot being only x8 and my limited power options I wonder if I should consider something else. I am also planning to add an agility 2 SSD but I'm told that doesn't affect power much. I'd rather not have to get a new PSU, and would probably just go with a 5970 if that were the case.

If the 460 sli is still my best option would it be best to get the 1GB factory OC'd ones such as this

or the 768mb sparkle ones used in the test?

Otherwise here is my system:

i7 860, Intel DP55WG motherboard, 8gb OCZ PC12800, 1TB Caviar Black, Antec 650w, Radeon HD 5770, Samsung 23" LED px2370 @ 1920x1080.
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  1. 650W should be enough for GTX 460 SLI, x8 PCI-E 2.0 bandwidth won't bottleneck those cards don't worry.
  2. The difference between 8x and 16x is a really small difference. You will be fine with two 460s, get 1gb versions. You might lose 3 percent performance on the second card..

    Now its just up to your PSU, which version is it? Some Antec PSUs are really good and some arn't so good. If you have a good 12v rail you will be fine.
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