BFG Gts 250 performing lower in some cases than my 7900GT?

Hi I just upgraded from a 7900GT to a BFG GTS 250 1gb. I have 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram, windows 7 32-bit, 500 antec psu, and a biostar mcp6p m2+ mobo. I was playing warcraft III on my 7900gt and my fps were around 60-64 constant, whereas my gts 250 gets 40-60 fps. However, I loaded L4D2 and I received constant 60 fps(highest settings) on GTS 250. The 7900GT would perform only 10-20 fps though. I was thinking it has to do with physx or something... I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers and everything went fine.
i forgot to include i have amd x4 620 quad core @ 2.6ghz cpu
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  1. Your PSU should be enough, so I'm thinking it's the drivers.

    Did you completely uninstall your 7900 GT drivers, use Driver Sweeper to check for any files left prior to installing the GTS 250 drivers?
  2. well i just unistalled physx and scope. what can i do now?
  3. sometimes older games dont play nice with newer, universal shader based cards. I tried America McGees Alice on my 8800gts and it ran like poop. On my old ati 9800XT it runs like a dream.
  4. I'll give you a extreme case. UT99 use to run like a charm on my geforce 3 ti200. Runs like crap now on my 9600gt!
  5. thats kinda lame...not really an "upgrade" of its based on the game then :P
    is there anyway I can disable physX? what would that do?
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