Laptop not recognizing Ethernet cable

I recently brought back my girlfriends laptop from the grave she has had sitting around for a few years "broken." Ended up being a bad hard drive. So I popped windows 7 on there but can not get the ethernet to work. If you hook the modem directly up to it than the lights go on but wont connect to the internet, if you pop a cable into it from the router it says no cable is hooked up.

Any help would be really appreciate - its frustrating.

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  1. Did you have to program a username and password into your router to properly connect to your Internet Modem, if so then you would have to configure a PPPoE connection on your Win 7 computer to properly connect when the modem is connected directly to your laptop.

    Also, what happens when you open a command prompt in Windows 7 and type:
  2. I did not. Surprisingly I fixed it. I checked the configuration and :auto crossover detection was disabled. Enabling it fixed everything. Cheers
  3. Excellent news!
  4. i'm running W7 and having the same problem. I can't locate the auto crossower switch ....
    also i pinged and it said "packet sent 4 recived 4"

    I'm getting crazy over here... please help ...
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