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hey guys, I just built a new budget gaming rig. I cant seem to remove vista from one of my the ssd. I have 2 of them and originally i didnt set the bios to ahci. I tried to correct it by giong into the registry but it just gave me a blue screen. So i installed a new copy on my other ssd. I figured I would just go back and erase the partition on the first ssd by booting to cd/dvd. However it wont give me the option to delete it. Both ssd's come up but only one of them gives me the avanced option to delete. Am I missing something? So now I have 2 60gb ssd with vista on them. grrrr. I just want one for operating system and a few programs and the other for frequent games. Any ideas?
corse air 300r
corse air cx600 ps
biostar z77xe3 mobo
i3 3220
xfx 7850 2g doudle d
8 gigs kingsten hyper blue red 1600
intel ssd's
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