In search of a second Hard Drive

I'm looking for a second hard drive to give me a place to store all my game files, videos, and recordings, so my drive with the OS installed on it won't be under such stress when I start playing or recording videos.

My budget is around $70. I'd like the space on it to be around 500GB and up. the RPM on it has to be at least 7200 since I would like my recordings to not randomly stutter. Is there also a way to know the write speed on it from the RPM? My other drive has 7200 RPM and the write speed is around 90 MB/s

The one I've been eyeing a lot was but I'm curious if it's worth the price. I know it's $40 off, but is it a good quality product at that price, or could I get better one for cheaper? I have looked so much for drives, that this seems like the best bet, but I don't know if I'm missing something obvious about it, so I'm just making sure.

I also don't know much about hard drives, so I'm not sure if there are compatibility issues like other computer parts. My first hard drive I have is a Seagate model.

Thank you.
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