New graphics card

ok i put the new card in...when i power the computer on after bout 3sec the monoter says "pc entering power savings mode"
ny1 know what to do?
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  1. Start by listing your full specs, including your power supply make and model if known.

    Does the computer seem to be starting up? Do you hear fans spinning up? If you were switching from onboard to a discrete card, did you switch the monitor cable to the card?
  2. Do you have video for those 3 seconds before it says that, or no?
  3. theres no video at all..
  4. Go back to your motherboard graphics and get into BIOS, see if there is a way to disable onboard graphics and/or turn on graphics to the PCI-e slot. IF so do that and then try your card out.
  5. i would but the vga port got broke i cant
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