Installing a new ssd, will my data get lost?

Hi people. I recently bought my 1st SSD (120gb corsair neutron gtx) and I was planing on give it a try. Right now I have 2 hdds, one with 1tb and the 2nd with 3tbs. Since windows doesn't recogniz the 3tb in a single partition I had to use a seagate driver that allows me to have 2 partitions instead (1tb and 2tb) which I use for storage; right now the 1tb HDD has the Win7 installation.

So here is my plan, I'm moving all the stuff I got in my OS partition to the 2tb from the 3tb disk, I'll use a linux tool to format my 1tb drive and then just frech install win7 on my ssd, having them all connected, then I just plan to install back the seagate driver and the backup should be there, am I right?

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  1. backup? as long as you just install windows on the ssd anything thats on your 1TB and 3TB hdd's will be fine. to play it safe you can unplug both regular hdd's install windows on the ssd and then plug both hdd's back in.
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    Just Unplug the 2 HDDs (as jonjpn said).
    Connect SSD
    Verify Bios set to AHCI
    Install windows.
    Reconnect both HDD's
    - Should be able to dual boot using the Fxx key during post to show Boot menu.
    Then when happy everything is fine with windows installation on the HDD, just reformat it.
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