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Hello,I am looking at buying a HP laptop and the options for processor are AMD Athlon(TM) II Neo K125 (1.7GHz, 1M L2 cache) + ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 4225 Graphics or for $50.00 more the AMD Athlon II Neo dual core (K325)
1.3GHz,2M L2 Cache.

I'm on a budget so I don't want to spend extra if not needed. I use it for basic web surfuinf, my checkbook and some light word docs.
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  1. For a budget, I would go for the cheaper one. However for the extra productivity, I would go for the K325.
  2. Especially because the K325 has 2 cores while the K125 has 1 core. Which makes it that more powerful.
  3. The dual core will be a noticeable improvement in speed if you do multiple things at the same time. But not worth $50.
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