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Ok, so im trying to get my server set up and after getting windows installed, i want to try to set up my raid. i have the above mentioned controller. first of all when i start up the comp, it only reconizes 6 drives (1 OS drive, and 5 storage drives, i have 6 connected) i press control H to get to the webbios, and it goes to a black screen with a blinking - in the top right corner. any suggestions? i installed the GUI raid manager and it just says cannot find server. this comp is not connected to the internet yet.

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  1. bigred8080 said:
    first of all when i start up the comp, it only reconizes 6 drives (1 OS drive, and 5 storage drives, i have 6 connected)

    Is the number of drives an issue? Where you expecting more to be detected? Are all the drives plugged into the RAID controller.

    As for the Ctrl-H issue, it sounds like LSI BIOS is not getting loaded. There are a lot of hand off between the RAID controller BIOS and the motherboard BIOS (overly simplified here) which consumer motherboards are known to not do very well. Check if your mother support INT13 (I think, can't recall exactly the protocol). LSI also recently released and new firmware for this controller, you should try updating your firmware (I have not updated mine yet, so please share your experience if you do).
  2. We i would like to think not, seeing it came with to spliters that span out for 8 drives, my OS drive is connected to the MB. all the storage drives are plugged into the controllr via the 2 splitters.

    thats a good idea, it didnt even cross my mind. Ill do that when i get home from work, see if that helps for some reason. Also when it loads its bios i guess, it says no virtual drives or something of that nature. from what ive pieced together, it should show one found. I dont lol, just throughing that out there. Gahh way do things have to be so difficult lol :pt1cable:
  3. Ok well i updated the driver and the Firmware, (i think) driver for sure, firmware idk lol, anyways i was able to get the MRM going. so i guess i need to know what i need to do now? do i have to use web bios to get up the raid or can i do it with the manager? Still only show 5 drives, i guess im going to start unplugging them one by one and see which one isnt working and try to figure out why
  4. update: well i finally got it, my array is initializing. I updated the driver and the firmware and the web bios fired right up. I figured out why i was only reading 5 drives instead of 6, when i installed the case, one of the power cables cocked out a little. now i wait
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