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Power Supply Fan Direction

Hi guys I have the Antec 750 tp blue powersupply and the coolermaster elite 430 case.
In the case the power supply is mounted on the bottom.
Which way should the fan go? I currently have the power supply upward (toward the motherboard)
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  1. Does air exit through the back when the pc is running (out the back of the PSU)?
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    I would recommend having the fan facing up into the case versus down into bottom of the case. In quick review of the case, I don't see adequate cooling / air flow coming in from the bottom of the case for the PSU to stay cool.
  3. Do you guys know if the fan is an intake?
  4. Thats why I asked if you feel air coming out the back when your computer is powered on. That will determine if the fan is intake or exhaust.
  5. It is an Intake fan, meaning it sucks air in and exhaust it out the back of the power supply.
  6. no the fan is on the top... so no air does not go through.
  7. I meant the back of your case where the power switch is, there should be a little grille or mesh on the back of the psu. If you can feel air exit from there then you know that the fan in the case is intake.

    EDIT: My OCZ Stealth X stream has air exit the back so the fan in the case is intake
  8. It sucks the air into the power supply, which than the air leaves the power supply through the back vents, so the air goes through the power supply. It just isn't setup like a heat sink and fan but services the same function.
  9. Isn't it bad for the power supply to recieve pre heated heat? my graphics card is above the psu
  10. No... I have my Corsair CMPSU-850TX setup that way with my SLI setup of GTX 260's without issues. It is standard for the power supply to receive "warmer" air in general. You will be just fine :)
  11. So I should just keep it the way it is right now(fan facing motherboard)
    Thank you
  12. Yes... keep it the way it is now :)
  13. it will exhaust the heat from the GPU area... plus PSU's dont need cool fresh air per say though it doesn't hurt either... it just needs the air inside the PSU to be circulated; thats all... so your present setup will actually aid in your case air circulation positively...
  14. I have had the same experience as tecmo. I have Antec 900 cases with PSU fans facing toward the inside of the case. With the PSU operating at about 50% load, the exhaust air from the PSU typically runs about 3 C over ambient as measured by an electronic cooking thermometer.
  15. is this psu an antec true power blue or an antec true power new?
  16. this is the antec tp 750 blue
  17. ah ok. i was just wondering
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