Can i disassemble, rest mobo on a.s. mat? or how to do safely?

Well, this question's a bit about motherboards, and a bit about CPUs as well, I suppose.. Ultimately I've been trying to get rid of high CPU temps so I cleaned off the chip and the stock fan, but the results are disappointing, namely from 70c on idle and bad temps during load down to 55c idle and still bad temps on load.. anyway i have a masscool fan i bought with my paste, and i have to remove the mobo to install it.. first time doing so and i don't want to take any chances of damaging the board.. now i have an anti-static mat i bought from radio shack (before these mats went out of production about 2 yrs ago) and i usually work with my pc on that, and clip it to another PC tower (off) that's plugged into the wall, this way i have static protection but i can't fry myself if i muck up near what is now a 1000w psu.. so what i'm wondering is i have to buy anti-static bags/material or something to rest the motherboard and graphics card and memory on as such while i install the aftermarket cooler to the board - or if my radio shack mat will be enough protection? This is the mat
spread out it's probably 2 feet by 2 feet..

should i proceed resting parts on that, or do i need to buy bags or anti static material of some kind to be safe? or is there a better way?
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  1. You can rest the motherboard on an anti-static mat - that's what they are intended to be used for.

    I'd be concerned about those temperatures - did you put fresh paste between the heatsink and the CPU when you removed it and put it back?

    Removing the motherboard and installing an after-market cooler is a good idea. Make sure you add thermal paste between the two, but not too much. There are several tutorials on thermal paste technique.
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