How do i increase space on my d hard drive

my recovery d drive is almost full and I have used a recovery system to recover my photos. My C drive is almost full also. Keeps telling me not enough space.
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  1. You can start by deleting files you no longer need or use and unistalling programs you don't use. You can also archive files you never use by burning them to a CD or DVD or even storing them on a flash drive. You can also use CCleaner ( ) to recover some space.
  2. Buy another hard drive. You can find 500gb for $65 or 1tb for $85. That's awesome compared to prices, even six months ago.

    If not, then use a program that can identify all space usage and start deleting.
  3. u can keep last stable recovery image/point... and deleting the old recovery image..

    u can also try to back it up to optical disk for archiving or storage purpose...
    or u can add new hard drive.....
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