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Help picking a couple of fans...for a weird purpose

So, my wife and I are thinking of getting a new 55" led 3d tv and we'll also need a new stand for it as the one we have for our 27"crt won't fit the bigger screen. i am thinking of building it and want to customize it however i want, which currently includes the idea of a few case fans as the previous stand could only operate with the front doors open because the receiver always runs so hot.

I don't really want a 15-20 dollar fan (four i'm figuring of using total right now) but i would if it was the best idea. just trying to keep the cost of the stand down while swallowing the idea of $3500 for a new tv and some extra 3d glasses. i seem to remember scythe being recommended to me in the past, but i've been seeing the $15-20 price for those and the thought of $60 to $80 on fans before buying any wood doesn't excite me. :)

i had loud 80mm on my old, generic case and have been super impressed with whatever 120mm fans are in my new lian li x900, so i'm thinking 120mm is probably what i'm looking for to keep things quiet.

thanks for any thoughts.
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    Look at the CFM (volume of air /minute) the higher the better. dBA - noise, the lower the better.

    You can also get two bigger fans instead of 4 smaller ones.
    This should be easy to mount

    The air should move from the front of the cabinet towards the back around the receiver so you need slits or holes in the front to allow the air in.

    This one is standard

    LE: How are you going to power them?
  2. hadn't figured out the power part yet. thinking of just putting a low powered psu in there somewhere unless i hear something that makes more sense. thinking of two fans in the sides for intake and two fans (top shelf and bottom shelf) for exhaust in the back, so that you don't really see them or know they are there. then there is the issue of having a switch somewhere to turn them on...
  3. You need to figure it out because if you're buying a fan that has only a 3 or 4 pin header for the mobo and no molex for the PSU you will need an adapter, something like this
  4. nice thought on the connectors. thanks.

    i think i might leave the openings for the side fans open right now and just put those big 180mm fans in the back top and bottom. i am surprised at how quiet they are and how much air they move. i think they'll suck some air in the sides. later, i'll add some quiet 120mm fans. dumb question, is the 120mm and the 180mm the actual dimension of the outside of the fan box, meaning...can i measure out a 120mm opening right now and trust a 120mm will fit right in there later?

    thanks guys.
  5. You can use plastic mesh. Or fan filters.

    Get the fans first and see how big is the cut needed.
  6. nice work with the fan covers. another thought i hadn't arrived at yet.

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