Best way to setup drives on a new system

I'm re purposing my old PC for the wife and trying to figure out the best way to do drives. I don't really want to so with SSD. She won't have a huge amount of stuff on it, apps and games (we game on our lan). Would I be better off throwing something like a 2tb in it, and partitioning off a small part for just the OS, and install apps and games to the other partition? I like having the OS separate in case I ever have to reinstall.
-If so, how big should I do the OS partition?
- And will I run into issues later if I have to reformat and reinstall Windows on that partition?


Would I be better off getting 2 drives, a small one for the OS only, and something like a 1 or 2 tb for the second drive?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. i use a 750 gig for drive and my games are on c drive and other stuff on d drive ,the c got 234 gig and 142 free the d got 463 gig and 301 free so from a 320 gig or even 500 gig that will be enough for what she need
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