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Hello, I really need a sound card that can improve music and games to its max quality also I like stability in my windows 7 pro x64!
My headphone is creative fatal1ty professional mk II.

Budget is $150.
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    Chack these out, they are the best atleast these series are the best

    I'd suggest you go for a mid range to suit your budget and it'll last you for years to come..

    Because of your OS I'd avoid the Creative lot cos they have major problems with the Vista X32 & 64 bit drivers so they're bound to be crappy when it comes to their Win7 counterparts. The creative cards themselves aren't bad at all quite the contrary, they are an excellent lot but then driver mess ups has us all going crazy..... stick to Xonar series... they are the in thing right now....
  2. I have a gtx 470 sitting at pci express x16 slot. Hoping that the heat will not cause damages and sound distortion to the card. So is there any card that you listed which can withstand gtx 470?
  3. What is the Mobo? and do you have a PCIe X 1 Slot on the board, you can also use a PCIe Riser strip or card if you need to change the placement.
    And no usually the cards do have about 5 mm of gap between the heat sinks and the next card.....
    It's not going to be affected by the heat of the 470 if you have proper air circulation in the rig....
    Or they'd be building ovens and not computers :)
  4. My mobo is GA ep43-ud3l.

    Just looking at my messy rig:

    Super tight space for pci express x1.

    If i go with asus xonar d2, I might fit it well into pci slot. Is there a major difference between d2 and d2x?
  5. Go for the D2 not too much of a difference and stick it into the last PCI slot......
    There's ample space in your rig....
    Although you need some cable management... :)
    Get a few of those plastic tieup (zipties) or something like that, don't know what they're exactly called but pretty little useful things.

    Does the case you're using have a vent underneath the PSU?
    If it does, I'd suggest turning it around so as to let the fresh cool air from under the rig be sucked into the PSU and thrown out the back of it, it'll also help you fasten the cables to the backside of the frame..... and give a more spacious look to the insides, also good for internal air circulation....

    And here's mine....:)

    I certainly didn't have space to shove my XFi in it....
  6. Oh wow, you got corsair H70!!! Corsair does make a good product especially that one :)
    Mine doesn't have a vent underneath. The PSU cables you saw in my picture are just about 70% of the cables. I tucked in the other cables at the external hard drive bay on the other side.

    Yeah, I tried few of those tieup but i fear that I might tie the cables too hard and it will break.
    Okay, i just bought d2 for $114.49.

    Good price? ;)
  7. Nice, you're going to love the sound.... it beats the Creative lot by a mile... :)
    And the price is good too......
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