Can't run SC2 on current set up on max settings and dont know why.. help!

Hey im really confused why im unable to run Star Craft 2 on maximum settings with my current system, was wondering if any of you guys could give me some ideas where my system is bogging down.

I currently own a

ACER 9500 Phenom 2.20Ghz
8 gigs ram
750W PSU
Radeon HD 4890 1gig DDR 5 ram.

It was a future shop/best buy computer.

I have some friends who have 3-4 year old computers with worse video cards running this game at max settings with no frame rate issues but after installing a new card im still finding it hard to play on maximum detail, even medium is still choppy.

Any ideas would be greatly apprechiated.
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  1. you have a really crappy CPU, and are playing a really CPU intensive game. sorry mate, doesn't look good for you.
  2. Thats kinda what I figured :)

    Whats the easist way I can find out if I can upgrade my CPU

    was thinking either

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

    or a AMD Phenom II X4 965

    Without knowing my motherboard im not sure how i'd know for sure..
  3. Youd need to find out your motherboard, as it may not support am3 processors.

    if it does, the CPU choice comes down to what you want. the will be less effective for gaming at the moment, but more futureproof.

    the 965 would be better in current games that use 2-4 cores, but would not last as long.

    personally i'd get the 1055 and a decent air cooler, OC it can you are sorted.
    but like i said, thats IF your mobo supports the proc.

    EDIT: download this:

    go to the mainboard tab and the model number there is the Mobo. google it to get CPU compatibility list.
  4. Many Am2 motherboards will accept an AM3 socket processor (AMD's newest CPUs - so it's a good chance you could pickup a Phenom II x4 or something and not have to change your motherboard)

    As noted above... to be sure, you do have to know your motherboard... and check they have an updated bios for AM3 processors
  5. Where is a good place to get mother board drivers? I installed that program and it says my drivers are like 3 years old. I went to the manufacturs website and it sent to some driver sight i had to pay 30 bucks to join.... kinda stupid.
  6. you just downloaded malware, well done.

    :LOL: dont go downloading programs like that from internet ads. rule number one of the internet, is never click pop-ups or ads. ever.

    remove that program, run a virus scan and malwarebytes.

    if you are actually concerned about drivers, go the the manufacturers website and look for the drivers there. you should be fine though, as Mobo drivers really need to be updated.
  7. I didnt download anything like that

    I went to the manu website and it linked me to that stupid pay site.
  8. was it an advert on the website though?

    the manufacturer would never charge you for driver updates. i would really reccommend running malware bytes.
  9. Nah, I downloaded thy program linked above that tells you all your specs in fu detail. I looked up my motherboard brand to find drivers and a link to the website and it was to that stupid malware site? That's bot very legit..

    Anyway my chip is an AM2+ so how do I find out if it's compatible with a AM3?
  10. Whats the model of your Mobo? Get CPU-Z if you dont recall.
  11. Acer F690GVM
    Bios Brand Phoenix Technologies
    version R02-A4S1
    Date 12/20/2007
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