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Ok while I was hooking up my new netgear router it worked for 5 minutes and then after that it would not provide an internet connection. Also when i try to access its webpage, instead it brings me to a support page after login.
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  1. "Also when i try to access its webpage, instead it brings me to a support page after login."

    Bit confused. To access the router setup screens you use the router's IP address (usually or you login and you're in the setup screens.

    Suggest you consult the literature which came with the router or download the full user manual.
  2. Ok I am currently on it now, but it is connected to my linksys wrt54g2. It only has an internet connection like this for some reason. Even if I do a reset to factory defaults. And I still get brought to support page after logging into the router.
  3. Now I'm really confused -- you have connected two routers ?

    Why not follow the instruction in the Netgear Quickstart leaflet ?

    You can only have one router connected to the incoming internet (presumably ADSL).
  4. Wel u see. My older stepbrother has a mac that I didn't know would work with the netgear so I hooked them both up. However it cancelled out the linksys, and setup on the first port of the linksys. So know I can access the router but only through Oh and his mac works with the netgear. In short, I was impatient and I'm usually pretty good with these things, but I rushed it without thinking and screwed it up.
  5. I think I would press the reset button on the Netgear and start again. One router only please or you'll drive yself nuts.
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