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I have an Asus G72 gaming laptop. It came with a C2D P8700 but was offered with the C2Q Q9000. My question is whether or not I could upgrade my CPU to a C2Q QX9300 (Core 2 Extreme)? Do I have to stick with the Q9000 when I upgrade or could I go up to a Q9100 or the QX9300?

My concern with the Q9000 is the clock speed of 2.0GHZ (my current CPU runs at 2.53GHZ).
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  1. Why do you want to upgrade? Your current CPU is quite good, and upgrading to a quad will make many tasks actually run slower, as well as significantly shortening the battery life.
  2. I'm not worried about battery life. Looking for a performance boost mainly. I really have no complaints with the C2D P8700, just looking to boost performance really. You really think it would actually slow it down? What about gaming, any performance boosts to be had by upgrading to the quad? I primarily play WoW. What about burning dvd movies? Just looking for some insight before I go ahead with an upgrade.
  3. Some programs would run faster, others would run slower. For the most part, it's probably a toss up, honestly. Also, IIRC, the QX9300 is extremely expensive, and it's almost definitely not worth the money.
  4. Well I've found them as low as $450. However I heard of the Q9000 overclocking to 2.53GHZ safely & rather easily. My Asus comes with overclocking software & it bumps my P8700 to 2.88GHZ. Think I could overclock a Q9000 on the G72 to 2m53GHZ? If so do you still think I'd see anything run slower?
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    Honestly, for most software (games included), I don't think you'd see much of a difference. I'd also be somewhat worried about your laptop's cooling system - an overclocked quad (even a mobile one) will put out quite a lot of heat, and I'm not sure your laptop could handle it.
  6. The fellow selling the QX9300 specifically states that it will work in the Asus G71, but would it work in the G72? The G72 is a pretty big laptop and has a decent cooling system in it, with a good laptop cooler would heat still be a problem?

    This is what I'm planning, I'm planning on putting a 120GB SSD in it & upgrading my RAM to 12GB (maxing it out). I was looking at possibly upgrading the GPU, but I guess Asus uses an oddball MXM board. So that leaves me with the CPU, which I know can be upgraded to the Q9000, but was concerned with the low clock speed. I basically just want to breath new life into my G72 to boost it's performance to the max.
  7. Ok, so I've now established that none of the quad cores will work in the G72 Best Buy addition. The X9100 is hit or miss as far as functioning in this machine as well. The T9900 on the other hand has good success running in the G72, so I think this is the route I am going to pursue. My question now becomes, can the T9900 handle at 15% overclock or would it get too hot?
  8. Quote:
    T9900 is a nice chip to bro....
    I wouldn't clock it becuase I think it will get too hot. already runs at 105*C..
    I would also invest in a laptop cooling fan or pad.

    105C isn't the temp it runs at, it's the absolute max rated temperature. The temp it will actually run at (and whether it can be overclocked) will depend on the specific laptop cooling system used.
  9. I currently have a thermaltake cooling pad with a 120mm fan. However when I do my upgrades I'm getting their new cooler with the 240mm fan in it. Hopefully it will stay cool enough to overclock it. What's the worst case scenerio?
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