My first build complete! Pics / Specs included

System Specs:

Case: HAF 922 Mid Tower ----
GFX: ATI XFX Radeon 5770 1GB ----
RAM: 2x2GB GSKILL @1600mhz ----
MOBO: ASUS 890GFX ----
Processor: AMD 955 BE @3.6ghz ----
PSU: Corsair 750w ----
Hard Drives - WD 320GB and another Samsung 500GB. Not the best setup, but I plan on getting a system SSD drive, and making these 2 storage drives.

CD Drive - ASUS
Speakers - Creative Labs 2.1
Monitor- Samsung 23' LED 1080p
Webcam - Logitech

After a month of browsing newegg and this website for research, I finally decided on parts and built it. Building the PC and installing windows was much easier than I thought it would be. Everything is laid out for you, and the motherboard instructions pretty much tell you where everything goes. I haven't had a single blue screen of death *knocks on wood* so I must have done everything right. :)

This build is to only get me started until the next line of graphics and such comes out. I don't have any benchmarks but I can tell you I'm running BFBC2 @ 4x AA and 1080p 40-50FPS++ as well as FFXIV beta on close to max settings. I am sure if I upgrade the 5770 to a 5850 or 5870 I could max out anything. I will also tell you that metro 2033 was playable on DX11 30-40FPS with some of the hardcore features disabled like tessellation and ambient occlusion. some points the game would dip down below 20 due to the insane detail with lighting and...well just play the game for yourself to see why you need a high end gfx card to max it.

The cost for the TOWER ONLY at the time of purchase - Aprox $850. The cost now of these parts is somewhat lower.

The monitor and peripherals were about $500. ($300 being the monitor)

Here are some pics I took --

if you click the first one, you can just scroll on imageshack to the next one. sorry I fail at posting forum pictures :)
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  1. Nice build, I could bash cable management, but like the colors, especially how the LEDs match with the "ToC" on the monitor. lol
  2. thanks :D yeah the cables are unorganized to say the least. I need to tie them up and stash em better.
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