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Group mismatched hdds as one volume

December 14, 2012 3:48:54 AM

i am building a home server/family computer and i need a reliable and decently fast way of grouping my mechanical hard drives into one volume but if a hard drive fails i dont want to loose any data.

one way i know of is drive pool which is not available on windows 7 but is available on windows 8 and home server.

i will be using an ssd boot drive. my motherboard supports raid 0/1/5/10 and is capable of intel smart response. it has 6 sata ports that are controlled by the z68 chipset, 2 are sata 6gbps, 4 are sata 3gbps and 2 sata 6gbps controlled by a marvell controller

the mismatched hard drives are as follows: 2x 500gb, 1x 320, 1x 250, 2x 150. i may use the 250 for something else, may also sell the others and pick up another 500 so i can raid 5 3x 500s though it wouldnt be all that fast with the chipset controller. all the hard drives i am confident about except for one of the 500s as it has extensive use on it [most likely left on its entire life, got it for free so i am not complaining]

a dedicated raid card is out of my budget, trying to make this a christmas present to the family with left over parts from an old build and other things i have picked up on the way.