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Hello everyone i am looking to upgrade my graphics card and i need some peoples experiences in this sort of stuff i am looking for a card that will cost me 200 max and want to play all games now and upcoming ones in high settings. and i need to upgrade my cpu i need a intel core 2 duo but i dont know what series is the best and i dont want it too expensive by the way i am new to this computer stuff All help well appreciated :)

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  1. we need way more information.

    what are your current system specs?
    what res do you play at, and what games do you play?

    and budget? thats 200 what? pounds? dollars? goldfish?

    jumping ahead a little, this is one of the best options right now: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130562

    thats assuming your PSU can handle it, hence why we need system specs.
  2. Sorry i didnt give enough information like i said i am new. My specs is a cpu dual pentium 2.00 ghz, 2 giga ram ddr2 and 160 gigabyte seagate hard disk, i 1gigabyte Nvidia geforce 9500 gt, my mobo is a gigabyte 945GCM-S2L, res is 1024-768
    My power is 200watt and 200$ max and play games like assassins creed 2, splinter cell conviction, battle field bad company 2 and if i need to upgrade something please tell me
  3. you pretty much need to build a new PC mate.

    CPU will bottleneck anything more recent than that 9500, and replacing the CPU will require a new mobo and RAM. You'll have to get a new PSU too, if you want to run better components.

    the HDD, disk drive, and possibly the case could be usable, but everything else will need replacing. you may as well just save up the cash for a whole new build.
  4. whats wong with the mobo and how much PSU power do i need
  5. the mobo won't support any modern processors.

    you need a decent quality 450w PSU like the corsair vx450 (depending on what GPU you eventually go for. you could need more)
  6. i read about my mobo it can support intel core 2 duo extreme i dont need more than that and will be getting another 2 giga ram DDR2 stick so what graphics card do u suggest for me around 150$ that will play games at high settings
  7. Yeah his motherboard is fine-ish, there are still good 775 socket CPUs. However I wouldn't recommend buying one. Its like putting money into old cars, they are money pits.

    The problem is you only have 200 dollars and you need a new CPU/PSU/GPU, I don't see it happening on that budget honestly.
  8. what i meant by that i will buy a graphics card at 200 max i have around 800$ to spend on this computer
  9. so if u guys can give me your opinions on some parts please tell me i would like the cpu to be a intel core 2 duo but i dont know what series to get
  10. core2duo is dead, dont bother.

    build a nice AMD 955 based rig with a GTX460 and a decent gigabyte mobo. a corsair vx450 PSU and nice case.

    for 800 dollars you should be able to make a pretty nice system.
  11. ok is AMD better than intel and how much ram should i get
  12. processor: amd phenom 2 x6 1090T @ 3.2ghz - 295$
    motherboard: 785g + 4gb ddr2 ram - 160$
    graphics card ati hd 5830 1gb or nvidia gtx460 768mb - 200$
    power supply: 450w good model - 50$

    Total - 805$

    this system will be good for gaming at maximum settings at 1900x1200 resolution and most the time will be good at 2560x1600 resolution.
  13. AMD is better value than intel. performance wise they are just behind, but no reall difference.

    4gb of ram is considered the sweet spot for gaming.

    dont pay too much attention to dualblades setup. unless you plan on encoding then a 1090t is a waste of cash. go with a 955 (or if you really want 6 cores, a 1055t)

    if you have 800 dollars you shouhld be able to get an 880/890 chipset motherboard, and a GTX460 (the 5830 is horrible value, you don't want that)
  14. or if you want a cheaper processor you can buy the phenom ii x 4 955.... it slightly cheaper.... and also i read in some benchmarks that amd x6 cpu is slower in games
    because there aren't any games out there which utilises more than four core....

    so far i don't think you need more than a quad core cpu...
    u don't need a 1090T for gaming... save an extra money for cpu cooling instead...
    overclock the 955 because it has unlocked multiplier...
  15. so i will get a AMD phenom ii x 4 955 and a GTX 460 and 4 giga ram DDR2 and do reckon i should change my hard disk and my mobo
  16. i wanna try and save some bucks
  17. you will need a new mobo to support the processor anyway, so get a ddr3 board and ddr3 RAM.

    you could stick with your current HDD, but i would get a 500gb spinpoint f3 at least.
  18. thanks man for your all helped
  19. no worries. good luck with it.
  20. moey_7... if you're going to buy a ddr3 board and ram... then i shall reckon you buying intel core i5 - 750 or 760 as for motherboard you can get gigabyte p55 ud2 board... its cheap and good in overclock.... and clock for clock basis i5 750 better than phenom ii 955.... besides... it won't cost you too much... compared to 955 or 1090t... no doubt... go for intel this generation...
  21. Phenom, it will cost more than an intel build and the difference in gaming is negligible.

    there is no need for OP to spend extra on an intel system.
  22. but i think an intel system like i mentioned just now doesn't cost very very much over the 955 right... the price difference is not too much to kill off the recommendation... besides you get much better overall performance with intel platform
  23. when factoring in the increased motherboard cost, it means meaning to drop back somewhere else in the system to meet the same budget.

    for high budget build, intel systems are certainly the way to go. but most of the time you are paying extra but will never see any performance difference.
  24. with naked eyes maybe... amd is not bad because they stand in the price/performance market but intel certainly better you just have to pay slightly more than amd.. its up to moey_7 whether or not he want to stick with intel or switch to amd instead... just want you to know there are always better choice around... if x3 720 was still around i would definitely recommend it over i5 750 or 955 because it even cheaper than both and enough to stand until next year when amd begin to unleash its next gen cpu bulldozer...
  25. Thanks everyone this gave me a better way of choosing what i need it really helped me alot thanks again :)
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