Guys ordering my first build please help me

Hey guys so today i am ordering my first build. i am new to this stuff and i will order this today build.
its my $500 gaming budget so can you tell me if this build is good
Can it get better if so please tell how and keep it in $500 dollar.
Also is everything compatible with itself like PSU with GPu and Mobo with Processor and everything
Last Question: IS everything compatible and am i ready to order it?
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  1. Bump? anyone wants to help?
  2. wow so no one wants to comment? :(
  3. is everything compatible with itself? also is 4870 good
  4. ^ Yes everything is compatible and about the HD 4870, if you dont mind DirectX 11, then there is no better card at that price...
  5. gkay thanks and yea i dont care about dx 11 and ia m ordering and you sure everything comptible right even the motherboard with Case and such
  6. ^ Yup you are good to go...
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