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My SSD drive is running out of room quick, and I would like to obviously add more. It's only a 60gb and it's used for my system and my software, and I have a budget of $200 to get a bigger one or to grab another one with it.

My system is:
P8zz77-v Pro/Thunderbolt
60gb SSD v60
2TB WD Black Desktop sata 6
Corsair Vengence 4 x 4gb ram
Antec Eleven Hundred Case
xfx radeon r7770 ultra over-clock edition
lg bh10 super multi blue ray rewriter
Corsair GS 700 watt

I don't know what else would be helpful, but I have extra fans, cooler and other stuff. I already lowered my page file and everything else I can do to grab more gb out of my ssd.

I would ideally like to be able to just add another one and have it be as one, instead of copying everything into one big one. The reason why is, I have a LOT of software that is only allowed on 1 computer and a lot of them can only be registered once every 60 days and I just made this computer a couple weeks ago so I can't do it again, and the other ones charge a fee. Unless there is a way to move over all my info onto a new one and not have the developers know at all that there was a change, then that will be fine. But I want it to be as simple as possible. I want to add this 256gb ssd I found on amazon for only $185

I would really just like to add another one, so let me know how, or a link to an article/video and what your experience is. But anyways, I'll absolutely listen to what you have to say and if you are interested in electronic cigarettes, I'll send you a kit. (I own a brand).
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  1. Well, Alrighty then.
  2. a lot of ssd's come with some kind of cloning software. i have never cloned a hdd but i don't see why it would be an issue.
  3. If I can just buy a bigger one and then "clone" all the files I have onto the bigger one without my software making the developers think I have a new system, then I'm down. If there is a way that I can just add in another SSD to my system and have it be a "C" drive too, then that would be awesome!

    I know if I just transfer everything to a larger SSD, that all my program files of my software won't open, and then I'll have to re-download and re-register again, and some of the developers make you wait 60 days between each activation or charge you a fee. I'm trying to avoid that, so ideally I want to just add more GB to my SSD I already have.

    Thanks for your reply and time, Jon.
  4. using raid0 to combine the ssd's wouldn't work for you because if you use a 60GB and 256GB ssd in raid0 you would only get the capacity of double the smallest drive. so you would only get a 120GB drive.

    if you cloned the ssd you shouldn't have to re-register any programs. my intel ssd came with a form of acronis true image to clone ssd's. the user guide should answer any questions on it. other ssd's might use different software.
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