Which Combination?

Hello everyone!
I have a working ACER laptop in reserve and I thought to give it a last push..
So think changing its hard drive to SSD
The problem is that the motherboard has IDE connection. So the question is
a) New IDE SSD
(if motherboard fails the SSD cannot be used elsewhere) or
b) 1or2 SATA SSD 1,8"
(for compatibility and because the 2,5" SSD with adapter wont fit, already tried it)
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  1. I don't think ssd's work over IDE
  2. Hello Darth!
    There are several SSD's 2,5" with IDE connectors for laptop, from respectable manufacturers, don't want to make an advertisement but I paste this ebay link for "proof"

    So.. the question remains...
  3. The IDE bus maxed out at ATA-133. I think the IDE bus would bottleneck any SSD.

  4. Yes this is true I know it. The SSD will not maximize its speed..
  5. No one can give a piece of advice here? :whistle:
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