ATI 10.7 Drivers and Bad Company 2

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've posted here (been busy moving to a new state for grad school).

Anyways, I decided that it has been a while since I had upgraded my drivers for my ATI card (my drivers were version 10.4) so I downloaded/installed 10.7 and everything seemed to work fine. Just another driver update right(i didn't notice any of the neat optimizations they claim for the latest vlc version but whatever)?

Well I wanted to take the new driver for a more rigorous test drive by running bad company 2 (hoping the game would run the same, if not better than when I had the 10.4 drivers installed). I must say that ATI has successfully managed to break my game. :cry:

Seriously. Game crashes randomly and quickly. If I'm lucky to start playing (whether single player or multi-player), the frame rate is HORRIBLE (and I've a 5970 card)!! Then the game crashes randomly in less than like 5 minutes. So I looked up problems with this driver and it appears people are having the same issues with bad company 2 and 10.7.

Anyways, firstly, I'd like to know if anyone has had any luck fixing these issues and secondly, what are some of your other experiences with bad company 2 and Catalyst version 10.7? The only solution I'm thinking of is just downgrading back to 10.4. :fou:

Just wanna say, as an amateur software developer, whenever I make programs, I make darn sure I don't introduce new bugs/issues than I fix when I make new versions. I know it's easier said than done. I'm sure the Catalyst developers may have it tough but I think that having working drivers is the least they can offer for the consumers. Now I have this great piece of hardware but rendered useless with the only demanding game I play right now (I'm getting starcraft 2 in the mail soon :D ). I am honestly frustrated. No biggie--just downgrade but things are supposed to get better with upgrades.

My system is:

GPU: ATI hd5970 2GB
CPU: Intel i7 960 @3.2 Ghz
OS: Win 7 64 bit

Thanks for the replies!
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  1. Try completely uninstalling your current drivers, using driver sweeper then reinstall Catalyst 10.7 and see if anything works. (I'm pretty sure you know the process, if you already have done a thorough sweep then well I'm not sure lol, rollback?)
  2. I'll stick with 10.4 till they release something better.
    Which they haven't imo.
  3. Lmeow said:
    Try completely uninstalling your current drivers, using driver sweeper then reinstall Catalyst 10.7 and see if anything works. (I'm pretty sure you know the process, if you already have done a thorough sweep then well I'm not sure lol, rollback?)

    I did. Problem persists. Now I'm trying to rollback. Ironically I'm having trouble installing 10.4. :(

    Essentially the thing just doesn't install. I tried the launcher you download from the ATI website and the other method that involves the command prompt. Now I re-downloaded the 10.4 files and I'll try reinstalling (right now I'm without drivers for my graphics card which is making me run at a resolution of 800x600 on a monitor with native 1080p--essentially everything looks like oversized crap).

    Never thought installing drivers would be this much of a pain :cry:
  4. wow ok so here's the deal. i tried reverting back to 10.4. i made a clean install (uninstalled everything with ccleaner, then ran drivesweeper, then opened the installer files and clicked on "uninstall"---obviously rebooting each time i did each step). then i installed via the command prompt as posted. the problem was that CCC (catalyst control centre) was not properly installing(weird). so after hours of working on this(and repeating the above process), i just decided to 'conform' and repeat the process with 10.7.

    bfbc2 hasn't crashed yet (also weird) but i do notice a slight decrease in the smoothness of the gameplay. at least CCC is back working. it would be nice to see a patch/fix to address the bfbc2 issue but as long as it doesn't crash on me anymore i'm happy! (though i feel silly now that it seems to work) either way, it shouldn't be this tough to upgrade drivers :non: .

    now i'll go test it with other games (nfs:shift, batman:AA, mlb2k10, sf4 and in a few days starcraft 2 :D ) but i'm not too worried anymore! if there are issues with those i'll just post on the 10.7 drivers thread.

    well, i hope everyone here has a great weekend! Thanks for the replies and help!
  5. bfbc2 keeps randomly crashing (something that didn't happen on 10.4). I still can't roll back to seems the CCC won't install correctly no matter what i do. also, my monitor is only 60hz so that hasn't been an issue to me.

    something that may be helpful, for those of you guys using the hd5970, i read on the amd/ati forums that a single 5970 is technically considered crossfire. therefore downloading the crossfire application profile will theoretically fix any issues that the card has. it's strange though because i never downloaded the crossfire application profile for 10.4 and everything ran fine. apparently (and according to the amd forums) you didn't have to download the profiles until after 10.5 (which may explain issues 10.6 was also experiencing).

    i'll just have to try this later when i'm not so tired/frustrated with dealing with these things. if anyone can confirm what i just said in the above paragraph, that would be awesome!

    ps, i never thought of downloading the profiles because since i only have a single hd5970, i didn't think it was considered crossfire. i guess considering it's dual gpu, i should have downloaded the profiles!
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