How good is the Samsung 64GB UHS 1 Class 10 Micro SDXC 70mb R/20mb W

I currently have a cheaper class 10 64gb micro sdxc card in my galaxy note 2. It is only 30mb read/ 15mb write. It works fine but I want to use a sdxc card in my panasonic plasma to play 1080p movies off of. All of my videos are large with high bit rates as quality is important to me.

So my dilemma is I want my high bit rate movies to play flawlessly plus the higher write speed helps with huge files. I have a USB 3.0 card reader for max speeds. Now the thing is The higher speed Samsung will cost me about 85 from the cheapest source, that includes samsungs micro sd to sd adaptor.

You may say why not get a full size sdxc card since its for movies on the plasma's sd slot, but I also want it to be interchangeable with smartphones as well, it's just a smarter move.

Does the Samsung actually show those high of speeds 70/20? Is it worth paying 85 when you can get 30/15 class 10 ones for 45?

Basically I just want to know if the speeds samsung is advertising are the true speeds it hits. If so thats impressive and I'll most likely get 1.
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  1. most devices don't need more than 10MB/s to write. So what you have in your Note 2 is fine. You probably won't see the speeds they are advertising. But at 30MB/s read yo might be fine. you should try your existing card to see if it is OK. If it hits the buffer often, that will tell you.
  2. Is your card reader and tv capable of those speeds? I have the 32gb samsung uhs1 card and I cant get anything faster than my class 10 cards. i beleive it to be a limitation of the the chip in my Note and card reader though. Mine didnt come with a card reader. And fwiw - your usb3 reader might not be capable of those speeds either.
  3. The USB 3.0 reader is capable. (xigmatek CCO-UCOIAB-U01 USB 3.0 5.25" Card Reader, flash reader connects via usb 3.0 motherboard header and utilizes it's full bandwidth, it's USB 3.0 ports on the 5.25" flash reader connect externally via rear usb 3.0 ports, basically just moves em from the rear to front, the card reader uses the internally connected 20 pin usb 3.0 connector exclusively for card reading and writing)

    So by spending almost double I will only get slightly faster write speeds when im loading movies on card from the computer. Standard 40-45 dollar class 10 micro sdxc will be the smarter buy. Actually since I already have a micro sdxc in my phone and the faster samsung wont really help in devices that dont support the UHS speed. I thnk I am just going to get 1x 128GB Sandisk 45MB/sec read // 45MB/sec write. It's 120 dollars which makes it cheaper per 64GB and I really don't need more micro cards plus it will be nicer to have all 128GB on 1 card. I looked at the 256GB SDXC cards but 350 dollars for 1 was the cheapest i could find. It should actually be less then 240 if the 128GB is 120 so I won't buy 256GB till it comes down to atleast 240.
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