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yes i got a projector which has hdmi plug to it...i plug it to my computer which has a hdmi plug to that as well...the graphics card is a ati hd radeon 5850 gpu....problem is when i connect them to eachother i get sound from the projector speakers and not my speakers on the computer....i rather listen to the sound on my computer because they are logitech z2300 2.1 system...i have version 10.6 on the catalyst for ati...

any help?
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  1. You could disable the projector's sound, and connect the speakers from your Logitech Z2300 2.1 system to your PC's audio.
  2. my z2300's are all ready connected to my pc...the sound disappears when i connect the hdmi from gpu to the projector for some reason...but when i disconnect the hdmi from pc to to projector the sound returns to my pc
  3. I think the onboard sound is disabled automatically as it realises that there is sound coming from the projector... Try disabling the projector's sound.
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    right click the volume button in the system tray, click playback devices, right click your speakers and click 'set as default device'
  5. ^ Or that. Lol.
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