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Hello, I didn't expect this box to pop up, I was going to lurk around, but here goes. I am a non-game user trying to decide between the I5 750 and I7 860. The heaviest thing I do is spreadsheets, but I am looking for a CPU that will carry me for at least 4-5 years. Although I was A+ a million years ago, I have forgot more than I knew, so I am not building. I have found a couple Dell systems an 860 with 6 ddr3 ram, 750 HD, ati radeaon HD 5770 and 21.5" monitor for $1180 and an 750 with 8 ram, 1TB hd, ati hd 5670 and 20" monitorfor $1100. What do you think?
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  1. If your question is mostly i5 vs i7, I don't think there is much difference unless you are doing something like video processing.
  2. Somehow this got posted twice, and I thought I wasn't registered and I posted again. Please ignore the I5 vs I7 postings and reply to the I5 750 vs I7 860 thread. I wish I could delete these two.
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