How to become dell authorized service provider

may i know how to become a freelance dell service engineer
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  1. Call Dell they will know..
  2. Or hope Malmental sees this thread and gives you some of his insider knowledge from his own dark days with Dell :P
    **Edit rofl, you posted just as I was writing that out mate :P**
  3. Quote:
    are you Dell Tech certified..
    not talking about just being CompTiA certified but also Dell certified.?

    and it's service technician, not service engineer..

    Malmental, how do you rate Dell?
  4. beanoslim said:
    Malmental, how do you rate Dell?

    Like H... (biblical place that rhymes with Dell) :na:
  5. Quote:

    You were a service techie at Dell..Kinda cool if you ask me.
  6. stone-69 said:
    Like H... (biblical place that rhymes with Dell) :na:

    Don't get it :pfff:
  7. Nice. [:wolfen18:9]

    Every Dell I've ever worked on has been an awkward sob and I just developed a dislike for anthing Dell.

    Just wondered what the actual quality was like from someone in the know, I assumed they were cheap for a reason, you usually get what you pay for!

    Thanks for the info and the story. :)
  8. Laptop disassembly essential accessories = magnetic screwdrivers + asprin + vodka [:aford10:1]
  9. beanoslim said:
    Don't get it :pfff:

    Like Hell ;)
  10. Quite a story Mal! So all in all, how do rate your Dell working days?
  11. stone-69 said:
    Like Hell ;)

    Yeah I got it really. :D
  12. Unless you're here on a Work VISA and your last name is unpronounceable then don't bother applying to a large company's tech department.
  13. The Borg comes to mind ...

    Mal's a rogue Borg ... lol.

    Just kidding.
  14. Sadly my smirky comment is based upon fact. My best friend works for a very {nameless for his sake} large financial institution -- their current policy is to hire primary people on work visa. No benefits and cheaper pay...his feelings are "there's no longer any Corporate loyalty." ... Change your name and speak with broken English ;)
  15. All too true unfortunetly. I lived in the Dallas Area when TXU (the big electrical provider in state) outsourced it's entire IT department to an Indian company. I had recently left EDS when HP bought them, so a friend of mine suggested I come work at TXU, only thing was....he had to ask them if they could hire an American...well....apparently we American's are not allowed to work for American companies anymore....
  16. Go to a tanning place, practice your fake New Delhi accent, get a fake work visa.
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