Rapidshare not working on Windows 7

Just picked up a new PC today, spending hours installing software again - including my paid version of Download Accelerator.

I also have a paid-for Rapishare account.

However when I try and download anything from Rapidshare I just get a little message saying "Start downloading from.." and IE8 freezes up.

If I manually right-click the RS link the "Save target as.." option is grey out. If I right-click and tell it "Download with DAP" I get an error message saying there is nothing to download.

This is hugely frustrating, as Rapidshare and DAP have been a great combination on my previous XP box. I send a receive a lot of stuff via Rapidshare. If I cannot use it then I cannot really use this computer.

DAP is working, I've downloaded some other files with it. But I can't do Jack S with Rapidshare?

If this is Windows 7 I can't say I'm impressed - or am I missing something? Is there something I can fiddle with? How can DAP be working except on one website, a website it works fine on with XP? It doesn't make sense to me?

Please 'elp!
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  1. Last time I used it, DAP was loaded with spyware. Why can't you transfer via the browser anyway?

    If you absolutely must use DAP, either reinstall the version you have, or look for a later version.
  2. But DAP is working, it was Win7 ready since version 9.1.

    I don't download via the browser as my net connection is pants and I often need to resume later.

    Can Win7/IE8 do that?
  3. Pretty sure IE8 won't resume downloads, but Firefox can.
  4. Ugh, I hate FF. Well, I have the 33042 versions I've tried. I just can't get used to a browser that never quits updating itself and the (useless because outdated again) add-ons.

    That and the fact the thing doesn't seem to understand "close".

    But enuff of my dislikes - anyone have a clue how do get DAP working on Rapidshare?

  5. If DAP is working in IE via other sites, sounds more like a problem that Rapidshare or Speedbit should be helping you with.
  6. Rapishare works - in XP. DAP works - in XP.

    The thing that's changed is Windows 7.

    OK, a twofor..

    While installing an app that needs items placed in it's program folder... how?

    For some reason this crazy OS is saying "Access denied". I found 'security' and set it to 'all' (actions). Still says "Access denied" when I try and paste the extension files I know the app will need. Otherwise it will not load my data file, which uses those extensions.

    Reinstalling the app will make no difference, I know these extension files have to be placed in the C:/program files/app name folder.

  7. Found it in the end, seems I have to adjust the settings for that folder for... myself. WTF?

    I've only had this OS for one day and I'm really starting to dislike it.
  8. I really hate it when people say they dislike an ENTIRE operating system because of one minor issue, but whatever.... it's your choice.
  9. First impressions count - and it's by no means one minor issue; virtually everything I do with this PC leaves me either stumped or staring at a little spinning 'wait' circle for far longer than I'm happy with.

    If this were by a different company I'd say "Hey, they're ripping off XP!" as it's somewhat similar in most respects. But not in all respects and each change I find strikes me as pointless, unintuitive or plain silly.

    I guess I'll get used to it.

    Such as opening Opera in order to download anything from Rapidshare...

    But thanks for the help anyway.
  10. Some people hate change. They would rather complain than do the work to understand something new. The web is full of "how to" guides for virtually anything you need to do in Vista and 7, but many xp users can't get past the fact that it is DIFFERENT. I find threads like this frustrating because the OS gets blamed for the users lack of knowledge. Study up a a google search when you run into a problem, and I think you'll see the OS operates just fine.
  11. belial2k said:
    Some people hate change. They would rather complain than do the work to understand something new. The web is full of "how to" guides for virtually anything you need to do in Vista and 7, but many xp users can't get past the fact that it is DIFFERENT. I find threads like this frustrating because the OS gets blamed for the users lack of knowledge. Study up a a google search when you run into a problem, and I think you'll see the OS operates just fine.

    My thoughts exactly.... If the user simply doesn't like the new way of doing things, that's fine. But, I too get frustrated when they start blaming things that have nothing to do with the problem they are facing, usually from lack of knowledge about the issue. Of course lack of knowledge is not the only reason they do it, but it is the most common.
  12. I did Google, and I Binged, heck I even Yahooed, and I searched this forum, also tried searching and posting on the Windows 'community' forum.

    So far no-one can tell me why software that works on XP, on a website that works on XP, doesn't work with Windows 7.

    I recently had a MBR go screwy, yet again. This time an Acronis mirror-image restore didn't work. The HDD still works, was able to access it via a second drive already fitted just in case. That's my big issue with XP, as my work isn't of the nature I can just take a few days off fiddling around with the computer. Most times I've been able to fix it, twice I've had to buy a new PC as an emergency fix (I'm a highly paid freelance writer, in that I have tight deadlines and important projects, but not so highly paid I enjoy constantly buying hard drives or even complete computers).

    When I got the all-too familar problem again recently I said screw it, I'm either changing to Mac, Windows 7 or Linux.

    So I'm not a lover of XP, just very familiar with it and productive, when it's working.

    Of the choices I figured Win7, as it would be most familiar and I have a lot of software for Windows.

    I've I'd known however the number of problems, the amount of headscratching and the learning curve required, I'd have gone for a Mac.

    Why not?

    Like most people I stick with Windows because I'm familiar with it - and have often poked gentle fun at Apple fanboys.

    But really, why not?

    If I'm going to find myself lost and poking around trying to figure out how to do things with a pretty interface, why not a Mac?

    Now it turns out I'm not entitled to technical support, because my Windows 7 came preinstalled. Oh, my bad, I thought I'd like, you know, purchased it? I certainly had the "cost me money bit".

    So here I am, scratching around on forums, asking a stupid question - why doesn't an HTML website work on Windows 7?

    There's no logical answer because it SHOULD work - it just doesn't.

    I can't blame IE8, was using that with XP. I can't blame DAP, that works even on this computer on most sites. I can't blame Rapidshare, because that works with the Opera browser.

    But using Windows 7 it freezes the browser and clicking anything makes a 'ding' noise.

    I can't even figure out how to search a folder, there's no 'search' on the right-click menu. There's nothing on the top of the window, I can 'organise', include in some library (?) "share with" or burn. Last night (I was up until 6.20AM with this thing) I couldn't unzip something. Turned out I was in the "wrong" window or something. Finally got an unzip option, unzipped - and had no idea where it went.

    Yes, I found it in the end, after plenty of clicking around. Apparantly the only search option is to search the entire computer. Right now on a new install that seems speedy but I have no faith in it remaining that way.

    Bottom line, I've been using computers, including XP, for a very long time. With this thing I feel like some old grand-dad who doesn't know how to use a computer.

    "This is a mouse. You can move the little pointer thingy... See if you can figure out the rest?"

    Repeatedly I find myself losing some open window somewhere and just closing everything down and starting again, as I just can't be bothered with this floaty menu thing that just shows thumbnails. When you've got a number of Word docs open they all look the freakin' same on that.

    Yeah, maybe in a year's time I'll be like some of the posters here, claiming its great when you get used to it. In the meantime I have a multi-thousand dollar project due in 2 weeks that I haven't even started, due to XP dying, faffing around with it, buying a new PC - and now bogged down again, trying to figure out how to use it.

    Had to email the guy and explain I didn't know how to download the project file from Rapidshare, because I'm some kind of numpty who doesn't know how to use his new computer!!

    Nor apparantly, do any of you lot, so thanks for you time but now I need to unplug everything from this PC, set up my old PC again (which is a year old but runs faster) so I can get on with some work.

    Maybe next weekend I'll have time to figure out a new operating system, right now I have things to do. Before any snarky "Well you had time to type this" stuff, yeah, needed to get it off my chest - and I'm a fast typer. This took a lot less time than it took figuring out how to change my mouse settings in Win7, FFS.

    In the meantime, if anyone DOES know how to download from Rapidshare without switching browsers, lemme know?

  13. Try orbit.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion - but I already tried. It doesn't get to the stage of launching either Orbit or DAP, just does that "Start downloading from.." thing and freezes.
  15. Best answer
    Uninstall DAP. Reinstall by running the installer as administrator. (Right-click and select Run as adminstrator). Once that is done, give DAP administrative rights. (Find it's .exe and right-click and select Properties. Under the Compatibility tab, check off Run program as administrator). Make sure that the add-on hasn't been disabled in IE 8. Try turning off the pop-up blocker to see if it's conflicting with DAP.

    You see, there is something else in Windows 7 that you're not used to with Windows XP... UAC (User Account Control). Even if you're a computer administrator, you do not have root access to the OS... nor do any programs (unless Run as administrator is enabled). A lot of people complained that allowing root access by default is a huge security flaw (and they're correct), so MS adopted something similar to Linux / MacOS to ensure that people would need to think twice when it came to performing actions that required root priviledges.

    One other thing... you mention that DAP is Windows 7 compatible as of version 9.1... but you fail to mention what version you actually have. Do you have version 9.3?

    As for unzipping files, don't use the wizard. Create a folder on the desktop, select the files you want unzipped, then drag them to the folder. Then put the folder wherever you want afterwards. Either that, or remember to specify a folder name instead of just going with whatever the wizard suggests... you'll then know exactly where the extracted files are without guesswork or using Search. (Btw... your hard drive is indexed, so searches will ALWAYS be quick... regardless of how much time has passed).
  16. Aha!

    UAC eh?

    Well I did as you suggested..... and it worked! :bounce:

    *bows down before superior knowledge*

    Thank you. :) Switching browsers was screwing my cookies all over the place.

    Searched is indexed? I recall downloading some index thing, possibly Google, last year. Poor old hard drive was forever whirring and the pooter ran like treacle. That I didn't even notice this thing was indexing is a very good sign.

    Am starting to get the hang of the floaty.... thing. I don't know what you call it, the yellow folder icon thingy on the taskbar. Was driving me nutz as I'd keep seeing the window I wanted and before I could click on it the thing vanished. OK, so you have to click the thumnail thingy to make it active. Mmm.

    I think XP has some kind of 'stack' arrangement, which I've always disabled. I LIKE seeing at a glance what apps or windows are open.

    Have also realised you have to hover the mouse over iExplorer if you want to see the iExplorer windows. So that's where they went!

    Well I can see that leaves room for 'pinning' things to the taskbar. Still preferred the old one, where I could just switch instantly to the window I wanted, instead of waiting for a pretty menu thing. At this precise moment I don't know what's running on this machine, without poking the various taskbar items to find out. Let's look... Sticky notes (I have a better app for that, not installed yet) 3 iExplorer windows, DAP and my usb drive. Who knew? Ick.

    Anyway, DAP now works on Rapidshare. Time to earn the money spent on this PC.

    Thanks again, :hello:

    Alan C.
  17. Indexing is enabled by default for Vista and Windows 7. Windows 7 does a better job of it than Vista IIRC. If you're like me and leave your computer on most of the time, then you'll hardly ever notice indexing... but you'll definately see the benefits.

    If you have more than one window open, then you do have to click on the Aero preview to make the window you want active. Usually if you only have one window of that type open, then clicking on the icon is enough to make that window active.

    I thought that suggestion might work, as I had to do the same thing with FilePlanet's download manager.
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