Pc reboot when using dual memory

First of all my specs are:
AMD Athlon Phenom II x6 1075T
M5A97 Pro Asus Motherboard
2x4 GB corsair XMS3 1600 mhz DDR3
MSI ATI Radeon HD5770 Hawk
XFX 750w xxx edition PSU

I build this pc last week but it keeps rebooting at random moments. Sometimes it freezes but mostly just reboots. No BSOD. After some research it appears that memory could be the culprit. So I ran the pc on 1 bank and it worked fine, switched the memory and the other worked fine as well. But putting them both in dual channel and the reboot starts again.
Not sure where to go from here? Bad mobo? Bad memory? I just bought the parts so I still have warranty on all parts.
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  1. Why doesn't it allow to change my message?
    Anyways, I didn't try memtest yet but the memory seems fine in single channel?
    If I still have to memtest it, do I test them individual or in dual channel?
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