New Phenom X4 975 and a quick look to Intel 990x

Hi guys.

Today I comes with a quick overclocking look of the new Phenom II X4 975 and Intel i7-990x.

rbuass, Brazilian overclocker and best in Latin America shared his results with us. Enjoy it ;)


Original source:, rbuass user
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  1. Am I reading this right 7ghz!! :o

    I haven't got any further but I need to find out what they are cooling it with.

    I see, thats awesome, thanks for the link.
  2. LN2 and phase change, but if you live in a place with low ambient temps, you can get 5GHz on air with a good cooler.

    And yeag, you are reading correct, 7GHz :)
  3. Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7ghz??????????????
  4. how fun, no one needs a phase changed cooled cpu.
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