New harddisk disappeared, doesn't show up in BIOS, but does in device

I have windows 8 installed on a SSD.
I recently added a new 2TB harddisk, a long with the SSD, a 500gb harddisk and a USB harddisk. When I got home from work my wife complained that the disk drive was gone. And it was, but at that time the harddisk was still here.
I just restartet the computer and now both the disk drive and the new harddisk is gone. Device manager give me a fail code 19 with the disk drive, and I assume that's a registry error that I am not cabable of solving (basic knowledge of building computers, and the drive is VERY old and have been misbehaving previously so I was considering replacing it anyways).
I have tried removing the drivers for both, and reinstalling them to no avail.
I did also deactivate the harddisk, but it appear in the device manager as activated, so I guess I have been able to reactivate it whilke reinstalling the drivers.
As the headline suggest, the harddisk is not showing up in the BIOS anymore, but it does in the device manager, and it say it is working as intended, but it does not show up in disk management under administrator either.
Is the disk toast, and should I send it back, or is there something else I can do?
I have tried using other cables and other SATA ports on the motherboard. My SSD, 500gb hdd and the USB one is working as intended. I also tried setting windows back 2 days.
Please let me know if you need more input.
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