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I'll be building an HTPC and am putting my component list together. See any issues here? I'll be streaming Netflix, watching DVDs, OTA TV using Windows Media Center and won't be gaming. Any suggestions on how to lower the cost a bit?

Here's the list


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    it seems ok, but im wondering what video card you are going to be using that needs a 600w psu?
    this 520w seasonic is suitable.

    you could probably actually go with this:
  2. Right. Thanks, that makes sense. I don't need the 600w. That Antec is cheap but I wonder about noise. The Seasonic has the larger fan.
  3. yeah i checked out the newegg customer reviews people were saying the psu was quiet (but i dont trust the newegg review cuz mostly written by people who dont know the diffedrence between a power supply and a flamethrower)...anyway, the seasonic is definitely the better psu, i would go for that
  4. What do you think about CPU cooling? Think I'd need an after market heatsink and fan or will the stock one work OK?

    Thanks again.
  5. nope, stock is fine. unless you are overclocking, in which case you will need a better cooler, but most people find that ocing an htpc is kinda stupid because those small cases dont cool so good. the stock coolers on the core i series is actually kinda decent
  6. Great. Thanks! Guess I'm off to races with this thing.
  7. glad i could help!
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