Concern about E7200 and GTX460

I currently have a E7200 and a GTX460 in my system. I was wondering if the E7200 is bottlenecking my gaming experience :fou:

You best not hinder my gaming experience E7200 :pt1cable:
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  1. If its at stock clock, It may be hindering it yes. (only runs at 2.5 ghz and has 3mb cache)

    As far as I know the 7200 can OC to some level, try and get it to 3Ghz - 3.2Ghz, as far as I remember it can be done on Stock Volts with Stock cooler.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I just looked at my bios and I have the multiplier at 9.5 and it says it should be 3.04GHz. When I open cpuz and a game is playing I get 2.53GHz with the multiplier saying x 9.5. Why isn't it at the bios suggested 3.04?

    Also, does voltage play a role, mines at 1.8 something instead of 1.6 something.
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