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Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 M3910-E2552 processor upgradeable?

Hi! I'm new here!

I'd like some information about the desktop computer Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 AM3910-E2552 I'm planning on buying? This desktop computer would suite my needs and I would want to keep it for a few years and have the flexablility to upgrade the processor if need be? I know that the new Intel Core i3-540 processors are supported by Intel's H57 Express Chipset which in turn supports platforms powered by the Intel® Core i7-800 processor series, Intel® Core i5 processors, and Intel® Core i3 processors. I have a few questions? Does the Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 AM3910-E2552 desktop computer have a DH57DD Intel motherboard or Gigabyte motherboard (which one)? After consulting Intel's Desktop Boards (Media Series) section the only two Intel H57 Express Chipsets which support Intel motherboards are the Intel Desktop Boards DH57DD and
the DH57JG? The Intel® Desktop Board DH57JG fits into the space-saving Mini-ITX chassis? So, through logical deduction I'm inclined to think that the Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 AM3910-E2552 desktop computer is installed with an Intel DH57DD motherboard? Is this correct? My other question is, if the Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 AM3910-E2552 does have installed a DH57DD Intel motherboard would I be able to upgrade the existing processor (Intel Core i3-540) to an Intel Core i7 860 processor? I've consulted Intel's Processors and Board Compatability Tool and it listed 24 Intel compatible processors for the Intel DH57DD motherboard! WOW! I'm also aware that the Intel Core i3-540 processor has a FCLGA1156 socket and the Intel Core i7-860 processor has a LGA1156 socket. On your website in the forums section thread ( LGA1156 vs FCLGA1156) it states and I quote "They are the same thing. "FC-LGA 1156" is Intel's official name for the CPU package as it is a Flip-Chip Land Grid Array package with 1156 lands. All modern desktop CPUs (everything since the "Mendocino" PII-based Celeron) are flip-chip designs, so most people just call FC-LGA 1156 "LGA1156." However, Intel makes a lot of other kinds of ICs that are traditional non-flip-chip designs and they feel they need to differentiate between what ICs are flip-chip and what ones are traditionally packaged." End quote. So? Is it possible to upgrade the Intel Core i3-540 processor to the Intel Core i7-860 processor without having to upgrade the existing motherboard (DH57DD)? I've already spoken to
the retailer who wanted to sell me this Acer Aspire desktop computer and he assured me that if I ever wanted to upgrade the processor (Intel Core i3-540 processor) to an Intel Core i7-860 processor or even an Intel Core i5 series 600 or 700 processor that I could do it without damaging the existing motherboard or other system components!
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    If the acer comes with the i3 540, then it probably uses the on the die graphics that comes with the 540. The 800 series 1156 has no onboard graphics, so be prepared to buy a separate video card if you change cpus. Then be prepared to buy a better power supply for the video card. Oem systems by dell, acer, hp, etc aren't designed for upgrading. They use the minimum standard components that will run the system. Adding faster cpus and video cards may cause problems. My hp came with a 250w power supply. I gutted it when I upgraded it, and used a better power supply. If you want to upgrade, spend more now and get what you want so you don't have to upgrade later. You could build your own for about the same price. One more issue is that when you change the onboard graphics to a separate video card, windows 7 will refuse to load. I tested an i5 750 recently before selling it, and when I changed it out (from an i3 530) and added a separate video card, windows 7 detected the changes and started rebooting continuously. I tried the repair option, but it wouldn't work. Once I knew the cpu worked fine, I removed the video card and re-installed the i3 530, and my original windows 7 installation worked fine. So if you try upgrading this way, be sure to have a windows 7 dvd available to reinstall windows. Acer probably doesn't come with it. You can make your own backup dvd's; be sure to do it right away.
  2. Thanks o1die!

    As it turns out I've asked the same question on other forum websites and they'll all basicly said the same thing as you! I've already changed my mind about buying the Acer Aspire Intel Core i3-540 AM3910 and I'm now considering on buying an Acer Aspire Intel Core i7-860 AM5910-E2532? I'd like your opinion about this computer? Will this be a good buy? If I buy this computer will I be able to upgrade the processor in 4 to 5yrs. time? I might as well spend alittle more money on a desktop computer and have the ability to upgrade the processor in a few years if I feel it's necessary!

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  4. No. Laptops aren't designed for upgrading. The i7 is probably the fastest cpu you will be able to run on that board. By 4-5 years time, you'll probably want a new laptop anyway. Intel changes motherboard chipsets and cpus all the time; they want you to purchase a new board with the cpu. Laptop boards only fit one case; they aren't standardized. I recommend you get your new laptop with an ssd; they last longer and boot up faster; worth the money, especially in a warmer environment. Also get a separate laptop cooler, which sits under a laptop and comes with 1-4 fans. Newegg has some for only $15.
  5. Hi o1die!

    The Acer Aspire AM5910-E2532 (Intel Core i7-860) isn't a laptop! It's a desktop computer! It's selling for $997.00 (Canadian) at Staples electronic stores. So? Keeping this in mind what's your opinion about this desktop computer? Would this desktop computer be a good buy? With this specific desktop computer would I be able to upgrade the processor in 4 to 5yrs. time??

  6. No for the upgrade. The 860 is about top of the line for socket 1156. Sandy Bridge is a new cpu coming out soon, but will require a new motherboard. By the time you want another cpu, your board will be obsolete.
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