SSD Boot drive AND a cached HDD?

Hey everybody.

I am working on a new build for a work computer. I have found extra funding at the last minute, and want to incorporate SSD. I am planning this:

2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
60GB Intel 520 SSD
120GB Corsair Force GT SSD

My original plan excluded the 120GB SSD and I was going to cache the HDD using ISRT. Now that I can get the 120GB, I wanted to put OS/a few applications (ArcGIS, ENVI being the largest) on it as a boot drive and use a cache setup (SSD-cached HDD) as a data drive.

Is this possible? Does ISRT have to be set up on the same drive as the OS, or would this work? Would it be better to forego the ISRT and simply use a cache-specific drive (like OCZ Synapse) for this purpose? Secondarily, would I be wasting money? Should I scratch the cached HDD and go for a high-velocity drive like the Velociraptor instead? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Just get a 12-=240gb SSD and use it for a boot drive. That would give you the best performance / $. Make sure you load the OS with only the SSD attached. Then install the HDD.
  2. Using large datasets over the HDD, would it not speed up performance to have it cached with an SSD though? I'm looking to minimize data transfer times to put as much time into processing as possible.
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