If i upgrade my CPU do i need to update my BIOS?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to sound noob here but I am looking to buy an AMD Phenom IIx6 1090T BE for my Asus M3A78-CM and i am unsure if i need to do a BIOS update for my machine. The Asus site took me to this page My BIOS version is 2003. So can anyone tell me if i need to update my BIOS and if i do how do i go about doing it?

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    Your bios version is 2003. The board you have supports the 1090T 6 core since bios 2501 which means that in order to run that CPU in your board you will have to update the bios to at least that version. So the answer is yes you will have to update the bios.

    As it says on the web page there is a certain amount of risk involved in a bios flash and unless you are very confident in your ability to do so I suggest you get help from someone who has done it before or have it done by a tech.
  2. Ok will do. Thank You.
  3. Damn nvm. I don't know why the Asus site says it's compatible because my Mobo's socket is AM2+ and the Phenom IIx6 1090T BE is AM3. Is the website correct and is there any way around this or was it misinformation on the Asus website?
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  5. Your ok, here is the CPU support list

    Also, We have a machine here at the house with the same board. It is currently running a Phenom II 945 quad core.
  6. O ok good to hear from someone with the same board. The Phenom II 945 is a AM3 CPU so i should be good too. Phew!
    Another question it says to make my AM2+ Mobo ready for AM3 CPU i should update BIOS. Should i take it in 2 a tech or just follow the tutorial on this video?
  7. As I said it's up to you if you feel comfy doing it then go for it Nobody wants to be the one to say go ahead it's easy and then you turn you motherboard into a brick cus it went south on you during flash :D It's not really a big deal to do but there is always the risk. It used to be more involved when I first learned to do it. It was easier to end up with a blank slate as you were not doing it from inside Windows. Good luck and report back ;)
  8. Lol I scared myself silly there for a minute. The BIOS Flash worked fine and my computer rebooted as normal now with a much updated BIOS.

    The ASUSUpdate tool was simple and easy. I waited for about 45 minutes before i got a proper reboot but everything is fine now.

    Thanks a lot Rogbur22 for your help!
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