Kingston SH1003 Toolbox not seeing the SSD!

I built this 64bit W7 PC in May. I recently updated some drivers and now unless in Standard AHCI mode as opposed to Intel Rapid Storage Technology this problem exists. In the S AHCI mode the "Removable Storage" icon is present in the Notification area for both the 120GB C drive and another 60GB SSD I use for backup. AHCI is enabled in the BIOS as well as the registry. I'm considering just disabling the Asmedia 106x SATA Controller as I believe it is the problem. The motherboard is an ASUS P8Z77-M PRO, CPU Ivy Bridge 3570K. Thank you!
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  1. 3rd party controllers suck. if your not using it disable it. i have the asmedia sata3 controller disabled on my board because im not using it and all the do is cause problems. with it disabled the system posts and boots windows 5+ seconds faster.
  2. Indeed, I disabled it and it turns out I also was totally clueless about Intel's RS Tech. It is for those systems that have the operating system on a SSD and store on a normal HD. Up until a few weeks ago I only had the (C) SSD in my build. I had a 60gb SSD in an external enclosure for weekly imaging that failed (the enclosure) so now that SSD is in the tower too. At any rate, IRST has been uninstalled and everything seems fine running in Standard AHCI mode.
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