HD 5970 card, and this case?

Hello all,

I was thinking about getting this case, as its pretty cheap and looks as if it provides adaquate air ventilation and cooling. I was just wondering, would a hd 5970 card fit into this case, or would you guys recommend something else?

case in point - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119197&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-RSSDailyDeals-_-na-_-na&AID=10521304&PID=3463938&SID=
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  1. Yes it would fit!
  2. etk said:
    Yes, but the 932 is the same price after MIR

    yes but thats not the question...

    and yes the card would fit :)
  3. The card will fit for sure.
    I'd prefer the 922 over the 932 anyways.
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