1.13 GHz CPU requirement for camera

I just bought a camera for my daughter. Camera specs say PC CPU requirement is 1.3 GHz. Her PC has Intel PIII 1.13 GHZ. I think the PC application would be to install the software provided with the camera, and then use that to download photos from the camera. So, is the 1.13 GHz CPU likely to be sufficient for this purpose, or should I consider getting a different camera?
Another thought about this is that I think XP will handle the download function without any additional software, and the software that comes with the camera may include photo editing functions, etc - which is not really needed in this case.
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  1. You do not need that particular software, you don't even need software. Just copy it straight of the memory and view and print through windows picture viewer.

    Either Way, your computer will work.
  2. Still I think it's time for the user to plan to consider getting his daughter a modern PC even a low budget one rather than using a 10 year old antique.
  3. It will work, but I'd really consider getting a new PC if she's still on PIII.
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